Water Testing...

  • Who needs it?

    • Water testing is done for homes with a private well. Depending on the type of loan, water testing may be required prior to lending approval. NOTE: In Ohio local/county health departments are responsible for testing and examining wells.
  • What types of water testing may be required?​

    • Bacteria (coliform, including e. coli)

    • Nitrates & Nitrites

    • Lead

  • How is water testing done?

    • A sample is collected following specific laboratory collection instructions.  The sample is then delivered to the lab for analysis.

  • How long will it take to get the results?

    • The time to receive the results depends on the type of testing completed.

    • Bacteria tests take a minimum of 24 hours to receive. Lead, Nitrates & Nitrites can take 7-10 days to report.

  • What happens if there is a bad test result?

    • If bacteria is discovered, disinfecting your well by "shocking" (chlorine use) may fix the issue.

      • CLICK HERE for information on well disinfection (PA).

      • CLICK HERE for information on well disinfection (OH).

    • Lead, Nitrates and/or Nitrites in the water may require water treatment in order to correct the problem.


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