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Septic Dye Test...

  • What is a septic dye test?

    • This test is a visual, closed tank, non-invasive procedure that is sometimes used to determine the condition of a home's waste system.

  • Why is a septic dye test done?

    • A septic dye test can expose leaks and inadequacies in the system and may indicate the need for repairs.

  • How is the test done?

    • A dye is introduced into the system. The system is then inundated with water.  If there are any disruptions in the path, the dye will migrate to the surface indicating a need for further investigation.

  • What can affect the results of the test?

    • In order for a septic dye test to give an accurate result, an assumption is made that the septic tank is full and has not been emptied/pumped out recently.  If the tank has recently been pumped, the solution may not make it beyond the tank into the absorption field (leach bed). Other items impacting results vary including limitations of visualization due to ground cover, recent weather conditions, along with others.

  • Does everyone get a septic dye test?

    • Only home owners with private septic systems would need a septic dye test.  Sometimes a lending institution requires this testing before financing can be obtained.

  • Where can I find more information?​

    • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency​ has helpful information for homeowners about septic systems.  CLICK HERE for a copy of How Your Septic System Works.

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