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Home Inspection…What is it?  Why do I want one?....

These two very good questions might best be explained with an example.  Ask yourself something; would you buy a car – used or new – without taking it for a “test drive”.  Likely not!  Especially if it’s used.  You may ask a mechanic to look under the hood; you might even ‘kick the tires’.  But you can’t do any of that with a prospective new home.  You can’t test drive it.  You can’t ‘kick the tires’. But you can have someone (me!) ‘take a look under the hood’.  A home inspector does what a good auto mechanic might do.  He looks for possible trouble spots.  He is trained to see things you may not be equipped to evaluate, both good and bad.  And, while no one has x-ray vision, a home inspector will be able to tell you whether a ‘tune-up’ is recommended or whether things appear to be good to go.

So, given the opportunity, what will I do?

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